Reubyn Ash Uncovers The Best Of The Cornish Winter

A brand new flick featuring Reubyn Ash, one of the best surfers in the UK

Here’s a brand new and super high performance edit featuring Bude’s Reubyn Ash, undoubtedly one of the best surfers in the UK.

For a while Reubyn was the most talked about surfer in Britain, with big names sponsors, a part in Taylor Steele’s legendary Innersection and reams of mag coverage. He was particularly well known for his solid air game, which saw him hailed by many as the best aerialist in Europe, an accolade which he arguably retains to this day. After losing his major sponsor Billabong, Reubyn faded somewhat from the international limelight, however his surfing didn’t slow down, and in the last year he has racked up a series of podium finishes in UK comps and, as it turns out, been quietly stacking clips with the help of young film maker Olly Fawcett. 

Here’s what Olly had to say about the project:

“Most haven’t heard of Cornwall, and most who have, believe it to be a cold, grey landscape, with few quality waves on offer. Sure, the water’s usually grey (so is the sky) but that doesn’t deter; and when the sun does show its face, magic happens, and a cold grey place soon becomes a beautiful terrain highlighted in golden light. This film is about those moments, few and far in-between, during which you forget where you are, and momentarily could be anywhere, if it wasn’t so bloody cold.


This film is a collaboration between the surfing of Reubyn Ash and the Filmmaking of Olly Fawcett. No budget, no sponsors, just our take on a winter in Cornwall. Please enjoy, we certainly did-”