Reubyn Ash’s Sharky Holiday

Reubyn Ash heads off on a mid winter holiday to Bali and scores some fun runners

Here’s a brand new edit featuring one of Britain’s most exciting free surfers, Reubyn Ash, on a little holiday to Bali back in January.

Reubyn, who had been decidedly absent from our screens for a while, dropped a clip to much acclaim earlier this year, featuring undoubtedly some of the best airs seen in a Cornwall based surf edit. Now he’s back  with a brand new clip, filmed in Indo, showing off an entirely different side to his repertoire. With a focus on down the line flow, and a critical backhand snaps, when viewed along side ‘Those Moments‘, the pair leave little doubt about about just how complete Reubyn’s game still is.

And the good news is we’ve heard that Reubyn is already working on a new project, along with a small crew of other Brits, which should be hitting screens in the not too distant future, so keep an eye out for that.