Russel Bierke Fearless In The Face Of Waves Of Consequence

Get aquatinted with Russel Bierke, the 18 year old hellman leading Big Wave Surfing into the future.

Russel isn’t your average eighteen-year-old Australian kid. He is leading the way for the next generation of big wave surfers. Tracing his love of heavy waves from childhood to the present day, Bezerke showcases the surfing of a levelheaded young man that sees challenge where most only see terror.

Bezerke features insight from Russel’s father, who’s influence kickstarted Bierke’s passion. “Pretty much since I can remember I’ve always looked up to my dad and the kind of waves he liked to surf and always wanted to achieve that,” he says “Eventually when I had the ability and was old enough to handle it, he let me tag along and showed me the ropes and different lineups. It’s really helped me be where I am today.”

The clip also features scenes from eleven-time world champion Kelly Slater who shared a special session in Southern Australia with Russell when he was fifteen. It was kind of intimidating watching this 15-year-old kid is putting your 25 years of experience on the line in front of your face – it was cool!” he says. 

Bezerke also documents Russell’s phenomenal Cape Fear event win, earlier this year, where he was the youngest competitor. Finally Russel discusses where he thinks big wave surfing his heading in the future, and how his own future will be drastically entwined within it.