Perfect Blue Barrels With Alex Gray

Alex Gray has a hugely impressive wrap sheet when it comes to surfing waves of consequence; he made it out of  one of the heaviest kegs of the day on the Teahupoo Code Red day, he scored all-time Fiji during the comp in 2012, he charges Puerto regularly, has competed in the Eddie as well as on the WSL BWT and had starring roles alongside slater in two Tyalor Steele films. However, like every other surfer on earth, Gray also loves to seek out bright blue more manageably sized kegs to sink his teeth into now and again, and thats exactly what we find him doing in his new edit. Beautifully shot and featuring a mixture of land angles and POV’s, this little taster of what life is like if your Alex Gray is bound to make you want to sell your possessions and hop on the first flight to Mexico: