Sardinia & Holland Light Up

The last week has seen two fresh new edits drop, featuring locations that many both inside and outside of Europe may be very surprised get any waves at all.

The first features a surf trip to Sardinia, an Island west of Italy slap bang in the middle of the med. Whilst on the map the Island looks like it’s protected from any long range swell by that big land mass we call Western Europe, Sardinia is surprisingly consistent in the winter, where strong and constant winds from the NW whip up wind swell and that can produce waves as often as every other day.

The clip here features a strike mission to the Island, where after spotting a big swell Italian local Roberto D’Amico invited friends Marlon Lipke & Gony Zubizarreta to join him on the goose chase. The pair, who hail from Germany and Spain respectively but both live in Portugal, decided to abandon their local wave rich coastline and hop on a plane to Island to see what they could find. ‘I mean scoring waves like that in Portugal Spain or France, it’s normal, it doesn’t excite you that much, but for it to be Italy, it’s always another bonus’ said Marlon of the experience.

The next clip features a day of surf in Scheveningen, Holland during a rare late summer North Sea swell , with the local crew, Yannick de Jager, Robin Kersbergen, Kaspar Hamminga & Dominga Valdes. Scoring waves in Holland requires big low pressure systems in the North Sea off the coast of Norway, or SW wind swells. Each usually come accompanied with howling onshore, which only very occasionally swing when the swell meets the land. The beaches are generally flat and expansive and the set ups in general are a little sparse, however there is a large and dedicated local crew.

‘Surfing in Holland requires a lot of effort, But that’s also part of what makes it special; it keeps you hungry. You don’t take it for granted, you really appreciate it.’ say Yannick ‘Maybe it’s just a silly sentiment, but it’s almost like all those conditions coming together to give us great waves shouldn’t even be possible here to begin with.’

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