Soft Top Shorey Carnage At The Catchsurf Beater Bash

Absolutely carnage at The 2017 Catchsurf Beater Bash

For the third consecutive week we’re bringing you a clip featuring a serious dose of soft top carnage, for your viewing pleasure.

First it was Jobe Harriss & some groms in Portugal, then last week Rob Kelly at maxing off the wall and now, an entire surf comp, created with the express goal of encouraging people to get smashed in a wedging shorey, welcome to the 2017 Catchsurf Beater Bash.

So even if the waves are looking average wherever you are in the world today, this should inspire you to go forth and find a little wedge, or a heavy shorey, grab a sponge, a belly board or foamie and relish in some little visions and a mouth full of sand.