Storm Doris: All The Best Images From Around Europe

We've rounded up all the very best images of Storm Doris as she landed on Europe

Storm Doris, as she has been termed by nearly everyone except the Met Office, arrived in Europe on Thursday, bringing howling winds, driving rain and a massive swell to our humbled shores.

She peaked on Friday, served up some rather more palatable left overs on Saturday, and will finally dissipate as she heads inland today.

We’ve already reported on how she panned out here in Cornwall, so now it’s time to check out some of the highlights from a little further afield. We’ve scoured cyberspace for the best of photographic offerings that have emerged in her wake; a rich mixture of once-a-year slabs and novelty British corners with a smattering of pumping Morocco and a massive paddle session in the Canaries thrown in for good measure. So stick the kettle on, click the first image to send it full screen and marvel at the absurd amount of fun that can be garnered from loads of big watery lumps slamming into our coastline:



  • Jonny Leon

    Thats me at the Cribbar

    • Theo West

      Cheers Jonny, we have updated the picture. Top work