Stuart Gibson On Shooting At One Of The Heaviest Waves In The World

Renowned Tasmanian Water Photog Talks About Discovering & Shooting Shipstern Bluff

Tasmania surf photographer Stuart Gibson has had an interest in the ocean and surfing since he was still in nappies. He has been shooting since 2003 and is part of a school of photographers pushing the limits of water photography, shooting with a wide lens, up close, in ridiculously heavy waves, including his local haunt and world renowned death slab, Shipstern Bluff.

In the short above Gibson speaks of the magic that surrounds the wave, how he fell in love with it and how its uniqueness inspires him to put himself in harms way to capture the shot. He also describes his passion for capturing the landscape and the wildlife in the Tasman national park.

In the clip below we see Gibson’s unique perspective on the wave, shot from both land and sea during an epic few sessions and featuring James Mckean, Shaun wallbank, Marti paradisis, Brook Phillips Alex Zawadzki, Kelly Nordstrum, Kyle Cooper.