A Summer at the Volcom House

One summer in the surfing hot spot of Hossegor, through the eyes of the kids lucky enough to call the Volcom House home.


The Euro Volcom House is probably the best spot where to stay in Hossegor when you are a surfer! Located in front of one of the best surf bank in France, you just have to cross the road, climb the dune and jump in the water, the kids from the Volcom team are the lucky ones who can enjoy the House with the only obligation to surf and have fun!

William Aliotti, the Caribbean surfer but almost permanent resident at the House, Leon Glatzer, the German kid from Costa Rica, Charly Quivront from France and the local from Justin Becret show impressive surfing skills under the eye of Andrew Christie.

William Aliotti (FR)
Leon Glatzer (GER)
Charly Quivront (FR)
Justin Becret (FR)