Summertime with #KorevPeople

An awesome mix of sun, surf, music and people.

Cornwall, the bottom left bit of our beautiful Great Britian. To many people it’s a heavenly holiday destination, to others it’s simply the place they call home.

Being tucked away from the rest of the country can have its downsides, but what we lack in chain store coffee shops and reliable public transport, we more than make up for with stunning scenery, better-than-you-think surf and an enthusiastic live music scene.

More often than not, summer days are made of at least one of these three important elements, but sometimes, when all three come together, it makes for the rather perfect day.

Korev People is all about sharing the lives of some of the amazing people enjoying our award winning Cornish lager and the wonderful place we live. You can get involved on the Korev People website and share your Korev moments for a chance to win the ultimate surfing trip and more Korev goodies.