TBT: Electric Blue Heaven

Wavelength recently got the chance to sit down with Dion Agius, where we chatted to him about all manner of things including front deck grips, the future of arial surfing and some of the web clips that took the internet by storm. Here’s what he had to tell us about the making of one of our favourites, Electric Blue Heaven, filmed at the Dubai wave pool back in 2013:

“I mean that was kind of the perfect storm because if anyone had gone to that wave pool and done a clip it would probably have got a shit load of views because the wave pool and the whole environment were just so cool. We got really lucky with coming across that and getting it out first, although it was crazy and the most stressful thing in the world. I found it because Seb at Desillusion posted it on his facebook and I called him that afternoon and asked him to take it down and then I sent it straight to globe, called them, had meetings with them and then within two weeks we’d organised the whole trip. We got the budget, went there, shot it and then spent 3 weeks on the post production just racing to try and get it out. We’d literally check that youtube clip of it everyday and we’d watch the views going up and up and we were just like fuck someones going to go there and do a quick clip and blow it out. So we had the guys working there at the wave pool on speed dial and every day we were asking them if anyone had come, if anyone was shooting, whilst we were just there editing like crazy. Luckily we released it before anything else had come out, so I think that was kind of the beauty with that one.”

Keep an eye out for more from this interview dropping soon in our online feature Wavelength en France.