The Endless Winter; Ep2 ‘The Seed of Portuguese Surfing’

The crew behind the Endless Winter II have just dropped the second episode in their web series as they trace the path of the early surf pioneers through Europe. For those who missed it, episode one looked at the history behind Europe’s most legendary left hand point; Mundaka, in the heart of the Basque country. You can catch up on it here.

The project features British surfer Mark ‘Egor’ Harris travelling from Newquay to Taghazout in Morocco, a well trodden surf trail since the 1960s, and teaming up with a fellow pro-surfer in each country along the way, where they’ll surf the nations best waves and meet the local hero’s of the sport.

In this episode they head to Portugal, to meet one Nick, of the original shapers of Semente Surfboards, which has grown to be one of Europe’s biggest and most celebrated board building outfits. They discuss the history of the sport in Portugal and how it wasn’t until the revolution and the countries freedom from dictatorship in 1974, that surfing really took off in the country.

The team, including Nic Von Rupp, Gony Zubizarret, Marlon Lipke & Vasco Ribiero, then head for a surf at Coxos, which is one of many incredible breaks along the Portuguese coastline.

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