The Ho’s Family Day Out At Macking Pipe

A few days ago the first winter swell hit Pipe, and Derek, Mason & Mike Ho, along with Kalani Chapman, Gavin Beschen were there to greet it on its arrival.

We spend a lot of time here at ‘Length celebrating youthful talent and introducing you to the surfers of tomorrow, so it’s nice to mix it up a bit with a clip of a 59- year-old  and his 52-year old brother absolutely charging during the first Pipe swell of the season. The men in question are Mike Ho, who is a two time triple crown winner, one time Pipe Master, and father of free surfing favourite Mason Ho and top female shredder Coco Ho and Derek Ho, who is their uncle.

When quizzed by Stab Mag on his dads decision to paddle out at the weekend Mason stated simply that he believed his dad had issues, before quickly clarifying that they were the good kind.

‘I don’t know if it’s a problem or what. But all I know is I’m not that big of a legend.’ he continued. ‘Me and Coco try to talk him out of going sometimes. On this day (Sunday) I told him, dad, don’t bother, it’s big and shitty. But if we tell him not to do it, he’ll just want to do it more. I wasn’t even going to go out, it wasn’t good. I didn’t surf until late in the evening. And when I did, I broke my leash and couldn’t get back in, it sucked me out to the second reef and I had to swim around.’

So here’s some inspiration for the all the half-century old shredders, to keep charging and to not listen to your kids when they tell you it’s time to slow down. (But please be aware this vaguely pithy encouragement does not make us liable should you do in your hips or knees).