The Most Viewed Surf Clip Of 2016

Here's the most viewed surf clip of 2016:

Yesterday we posted a run down of some of our favourite surfing videos of 2016. The list was an extensive and varied smorgasbord of top quality surf content, displaying the surfing and video production talent which has been flooding our screens this year.

Out of curiosity, we though we’d look up which of the large and incredible selection of offerings got the top spot in terms of hits, so we hopped onto Vimeo and ordered the vids by ‘most popular’ in the surf category. Unsurprisingly the top hitting video was not the one we’d associated with the highest quality, instead it was a clip featuring half naked women, who’d been painted to look like they weren’t, surfing:

Whilst some commentators may draw woeful conclusions from this, all it really demonstrates that while surfing is still a niche appreciation (although it may not feel like it when you’re battling the whole of your town for a wave at your local), nude, or in this case semi-nude women, are not.

It is important to remember however, that if you want to see the level of quality content represented in our best videos and best features of 2016 posts, that you must use your clicks as you use your purchasing power- and throw your hits at the sort of content you want to see more of.