The Wild

‘The Wild’ featuring Noah Beschen is the 2015 REDirect Surf Film Festival Grand Prize Winner.

REDirect Surf was a filmmaking competition to see who can create the most unique and original surf short of the year using RED Dragon 6K cameras provide by RED.

11 film makers were hand selected to participate and after 10 weeks of filming and 4 weeks of post production all films were submitted. The distinguished panel of judges included Taylor Steele (World Renowned Surf Film Maker), Jarred Land (CEO of RED) as well as Director of Point Break 2, Grant Elis (Editor of Surfer Mag), and Jamin Jannard (Founder of RED son).

‘The Wild’ features mind-blowing cinematography from Director, Filmer and Editor Aaron Lieber, who has created one of the greatest pieces of film this year. From the opening scenes, our minds are instantly captured by its stunning imagery and colour created by colourist Octave Zangs, this juxtaposed with the music from sound designer Nashe Howe leaves you with shivers sent ricocheting down your spine at the beauty of it all. And of course, not forgetting the captivating and incredibly talented Noah Beschen.

Hit the 02:30 minute mark and the shivers are gone, the action hits and reality of this 14 year old’s talent is let loose. This kid is ridiculous!