Three Amazing Showreels

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Here are the show reels of three of our favourite surf film makers, put together from many trips, many thousands of miles travelled and many painstaking hours cutting and grading and laid out here in all their resplendent glory for you to gaze upon.

First up is the director reel of one of the most celebrated surf film makers of the last 5 years, Kai Neville. It features Craig Ando, Mitch Coleborn & loads of beautiful women frolicking about:

Next up is a really incredible bit of cinematic work by Chris Bryan, filmed in super slow mo and featuring pretty much all of the worlds best surfers including Kelly, John John, Craig Ando, Clay Marzo, we just cant stop gawping at this clip

Finally is this offering from Matt Kleiner filmed over the course of last year and featuring four minutes of stunning visuals, including lots from the air and some top quality surfing from the likes of Josh Kerr, Jordy Smith and others:

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