Super Stylish Speed Lines With Torren Martyn

Appreciate the beautifully stylish approach of Torren Martyn on a perfect central American point

Torren Martyn is well known for his ridiculously stylish approach to virtually every type of wave.

We’ve seen him threading serious looking slabs with seamless ease and laying into some pretty solid walls on his twinny, however nowhere is Martyns approach more aesthetically pleasing than on the long reeling points of Central America, which is exactly where we find him in his latest offering.

After spotting a swell on the charts, Torren packed his bags, and the 7’9″ channeled-bottomed twin fin you see him riding here, and headed for this dreamy looking point, somewhere deep in Central America. Whilst most of us won’t be surfing waves anywhere near as conducive to the butter smooth surfing presented within,  there’s still plenty of inspiration to be taken from Torren’s approach. So get your notepad ready, hit play and then get out there and practice that deep bottom turn to soul arch high-line on your local two foot wobbly beachie, because if you can do it out there, you can do it anywhere…