The Ultimate Parent Child Surf Duos

We run through our favourite clips featuring parent child surf duos.

Historically, there’s a grand tradition of talented surfer sticking their offspring on a board the minute they can stand up, in practice that has spawned some truly formidable parent child surf duo’s over the years, with highlights including The Ho’s, The Rothman’s, The Moniz’s, Gerry and Corey Lopez and Beau and Nat Young to name just a handful.

Luckily it seems that sharing your passion with your young one as soon as they’re old enough to appreciate it (or perhaps just before) is not one of the many parenting styles from yesteryear that has faded out of fashion in recent times. Accordingly a burgeoning crop of talented and stoked parent child surd duo’s regularly light up our screens and we’ve hand picked a couple of our favourites for you here:

First up is Yadin and his son King Nicol, dodging long boarders and sharing some waves in Hawaii. We like Yadin’s hands on approach as he helps King get round crumbly sections and scoops him up before he gets taken out by the white wash and little King sure seems to be enjoying himself:

Next is Brit logger Ben Skinner and his eight year old son Lucas. We interviewed them in France about their relationship dynamic, and the nurture required on Ben’s part to produce such a promising young surfer. You can see some more shots of Lucas in action here and see another clip featuring the pair shredding at home here.

Here’s a real feel good number, featuring Luke Golden and his 11 month old son Kaimana, as he hits the waves for the very first time.

Next up is Pete Mendia and his 10 year old son, Kepa, scoring some fun off-season waves together in Central America.

When we first got introduced to Josh Kerr’s surfing prodigy of a daughter it was through the kind of cute surf-together clips as seen above, however it seems now 10 year old Sierra has outgrown her old man, and is already laying down impressive solo free surfing clips, as you see here: