Jimmy’s Wagon Of Destiny

The Ultimate Van Conversion With Jimmy's Iced Coffee

Take a moment to appreciate the advantages of a van, then combine them with the strengths of a light-duty truck and you’ve got a beast of a vehicle, the Mercedes-Benz Vario 613D. I managed to get one of the last ones off the production line, making our new business van only three years old with less than 3,000 miles on the clock. YES.  We have filmed the transformation and created The Van Series over below. If you’re into van conversions, it’s worth a watch to discover the original sketches and behind the scenes stuff.

If you missed the last article, I’m Jim Cregan. I started an iced coffee business five years ago after a five-month stint in Oz. Here I am, back in the UK, loving life and business. We’ve got big plans for the summer, and we needed a Jimmy’s Wagon of destiny to make that possible. What was once a lifeless, empty shell is now a rad sampling and selling wagon, festival vehicle, crew camper for big trips, transporter for our cycling team, surf comp judging tower and all-round beast of a business bus. After some ace modifications, it’s now got tons of cool features. First up, a big pop top roof with enough space for a double bed. We have added a roof rack to the back section with railings, so you can climb up top, watch the surf and appreciate the views. At festivals, we’re fixing a couple of huge light boxes to the roof and of course, we wrapped it in our Jimmy’s colours.

It doesn’t just stop on the outside though. We’ve got a wood burner, a fully functioning kitchen and side windows to sell Jimmy’s White Russians and tons of other awesome stuff. It’s banging.

Aside from festivals and events, I wanted to take some people for a surf somewhere in the British Isles in August, before ending up at Boardmasters. We ran a competition in the last issue of Wavelength and on our Jimmy’s Iced Coffee Facebook page asking for your road trip suggestions, which mates you’d take and why. With over 75 entries it was tough to judge however, the winner is…Sam Plank! This is his entry:

”This trip would be sick Jim, I’m gonna tell you whyyyy
So here I go now, with a few dodgy rhymess…
Right when Xzibit is done pimpin ya ride
With the van looking freshhh right at the curbside
Letsssss head for the coast im tawwwkin west coast..
Forget the main spots, they’re alllll whack
Alot like all that messed up iced frap crap!
On this trip we’re gonna find some spots off the map..
As for my homies, I’d take my buddy Harvey Newman
He’s a cool cat and the perfect crewman.
Secondly, Mason Alderman too, wave skills sooo sick they’ll make
ya speeeew!
Let’s not forget the comedian, the one and only Louie-Joe
He’ll make you die laughing…with his joke crossbow..
After a rad week, we head to Newquay
To give the people the world’s finest iced coffee..
Because Boardmasters would feel so empty without a Jimmy’s… WORD.”

Keep an eye on our Instagram (@jimmysicedcoffee) and #KYCU, we’’ll be posting the whole trip as we go, along with a short film on our channel.