A Unique Behind The Scenes Look At Nazare

Andrew Cotton takes us behind the scenes as him and his team tackle a huge storm swell at Nazare

Go behind the scenes with Andrew Cotton and the rest of the Nazare big wave crew as they take on a massive storm swell as it hit Portugal back in December.

This clip provides a unique perspective on the preparation process that surfing out at Nazare requires and shines a light on the camaraderie that exists amongst the waves many enthusiasts. It also focuses on some often glossed over parts of the Nazare experience, including a look at some hectic rescues, some gnarly wipeouts and their aftermaths and in amongst all of that is of course some crazy big wave paddle and tow surfing.

The clip features Andrew Cotton, Hugo Vau, Trevor Carlson, Ale Marcianò, Marcelo Luna, Alex Botelho, Andrey Karr, Andrei Ovchinnikov and Zack Haynes: