Watching This Board Being Shaped Will Make You Want To Do Your Own

Ever thought of making your own ride? By the time you have finished watching this you'll be ordering your saw and sandpaper

Building anything from scratch is always going to be rewarding, but watching this guy shape his ride is enough motivation to jump into the garage and start glassing one yourself.

Add to this the interesting info-graphics that pop-up and show you exactly what is going on at each step of the way and not only do you get to see a craftsman in action, you also get a good grasp of what the flipping heck is going on.


We caught up with video-maker Mat, a Frenchman living in Houston Texas, who explained the whole process to us.

It’s so rewarding to surf your own creation

“I’m all for encouraging people to make their own board… it’s so rewarding to surf your own creation even if it’s not as performing or durable as commercial products.”

“This is my second homemade surfboard although I have made some kiteboards before, it’s pretty easy and doesn’t need a lot of investment in equipment – you can start with just some sandpaper and a saw.”

“There are definitely other tools that can help speed up the process, but they can also be dangerous to use, so don’t hurt yourself”

We quizzed Mat on the words of advice he would offer to anyone looking to start out…

“I would say, pick a simple shape, don’t worry about decoration for the first one, and go slowwww! You can remove foam, but not add any.”

“Also a great place is to start is by watching any of the many videos that are out there, you will pick up lot of tips and techniques.”

“I have only worked with epoxy so far (no odour, less dangerous), I guess that makes it a bit easier even if it is slightly more expensive than polyester.”

Mat’s creation took just one week from design to ride, if that isn’t motivation to get going on your own pimped-out shred sled then we don’t know what is.