Wavelength En France: In and Around the Quik Pro 2015

Featuring interviews with Kelly Slater, John John Florence, Mick Fanning, Dion Agius, Dane Reynolds and More

There really is something very special about this south westerly corner of France in the Autumn. There seems to be swell on tap, the sand banks tend to be well defined, the water is still very pleasant and the bulk of the holiday crowds have gone home.

 Oh, and the circus comes to town!

 A few of the Wavelength team decided to hop on big boat, which was courteously provided by the lovely folk at Brittany Ferries, and join in.

 Over the years the Quik Pro, or the Rip Curl Pro as it used to be known, has gradually moved closer and closer to winter – increasing the odds for waves and extending the coastal summer season by a few weeks here and there, much to the delight of the local establishments. In this current age of immediate digital gratification, the contest and the results and the highlights are old news, which is why we took the time to actually catch up with some of the key protagonists, players and shakers, these are their words, our pictures and a bit of an insight into where surfing is at right now. Enjoy. Allez!

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