Imasu - 4mm

Made using a Fine Mesh durable and lightweight smooth-skin, lined in 6000 Yamamoto – the most flexible, stretchable lining available. The memory of our neoprene will retain full stretch qualities over 2000 times which prevents stretch-out in your wetsuit.

Chest and back lined in Zirconium – derma logical body warming material with very low water absorbency. Extremely light and durable – the best thermal lining on the market.Chest zip entry with the zip pulling inwards which means there is no way it can open. Reinforced seams throughout the wetsuit, with 0.5mm Yamamoto taping on the arms and legs. Yamamoto is advanced neoprene, a tighter cell structure so that less neoprene keeps you just as warm Weighs just over 1.2kg or 2.7lbs when dry and increases by 0.5kg or 1.1lbs when fully wet.

Drying time of 10 minutes in regular temperature of 65F.

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