The Nieuwland - 5mm

Serving the needs of cold water surfers has always been at the heart of Finisterre. Our Nieuwland Works wetsuits do just that: following a rigorous testing programme where 300 of you tried our suits and gave us feedback, we’ve developed a wetsuit that will keep you warmer and out in the lineup for longer.

The Nieuwland’s design features have been carefully considered to ensure our surfers are the warmest in the water:

· Extra 3mm neoprene lumbar patch over lower back, providing key warmth
· Elongated back panel to improve heat retention
· Double needle blind stitched throughout suit: a safer stitch that will better weather the wear and tear of the suit (no need for a seam sealant that often ends up cracking)

The Nieuwland 5 hooded is designed for sea temperatures of 4-10°C.

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