Watch A Very Young John John Florence Shredding At Pipe

The opening sequence of VFABM featuring a young JJF shredding at Pipe

Last week we brought you a clip featuring a young Kelly Slater ripping in Hawaii and the US, and now we’ve been gifted this nostalgia-filled retrospective on your new world champ.

Unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand you’ll know it’s been a pretty good year for JJF. He’s won the World Title, The Eddie and is well on his way to clinching the cherry on top in the form of his Third Triple Crown. JJF had been getting hyped from a very young age, but as with all child stars of the surf world, nobody knew if he would be able to carry his insane talent through his teens as his body morphed and distractions reared up. Fortunately John John emerged out of the other side of adolescence looking even stronger than predicted, with a world class air and rail game to add to his his well known competence in the tube.

What you see here is the opening sequence from VFABM featuring John ripping at Pipe in his early teens (he got his first barrel out there age 12) along with the rest of the Florence clan. It’s set to an exclusive track, called Seasick Dream, by a different JJ (Jack Johnson) who’s an old family friend of the Florence’s:


This Is How Kelly Slater Was Surfing At Eighteen

Watch old footage of The GOAT shredding in Hawaii and at Trestles
Kelly Slater early footage
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