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A Mission Through Mexico With Albee Layer & Friends

A mission through Mexico, including a behind the scenes look at The Puerto Escondido challenge, with Albee Layer, Billy Kemper,…


A Brand New Occ-cast

Here’s Occy chatting to Parko, in the first episode of his brand new podcast:  


Sandal Tan With Alex Gray

Alex Gray loves to travel and he loves to get barrelled and he loves to travel in the barrel, here’s…


Late Season Snapper

Snapper throws a last horrah as the season draws to a close, featuring Joel Parkinson, Sheldon Simkus, Nick Vasicek, Brent Dorrington,…


Fly Through Europe

Here’s a cracking new drone edit featuring a magnificent aerial perspective on some of Europe’s best waves, including Hossegor, Mundaka,…


13 Year Old Eli Hanneman

We’ve seen crazy young kids who absolutely shred before but this guy takes it to a whole new level. His…


Frederico Morais In Post-Classic

Here’s Portuguese Frederico Morais displaying his very full repertoire: x


Stan Norman At The WaveGarden

A while ago we published a feature featuring some of the UK’s best groms on a little jaunt to the…


Behind The Lens With Greg Martin, Part Seven

Greg Martin worked in the British surf media for 10 years, with a varied career spanning a variety of roles…


Big Shipsterns

Ah we love a brand spanking new Shipsterns clip, stuffed full of carnage and the odd unbelievable make and featuring…


Jordy Smith In Collecting Dust

Here’s a collection of bangers from Jordy Smith, filmed over the last year or two: x


Gold Moments with Julian Wilson

A collection of excellent surf moments, featuring Julian Wilson:


Underground Charging With Elliot Marshall

Filmed around the South Coast of NSW- with a couple of strike missions here, this is underground charger Elliot Marshall…


Glacier Surfing With Mason Ho & Mick Fanning

Mick Fanning and Mason Ho head to the frozen tundra, to surf fun points and even funner iceberg novelty waves:


The Bore Hunters: The Ganges River, India

Here’s a first look trailer for a new film, called The Bore Hunters: India, which charts the journey of Serginho Laus,…

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The Endless Winter- ‘The Legend of Mundaka’

The Endless Winter crew have spent the last year or so travelling around Europe, tracing the steps of the original…



This is the story of Hawaiian Jimmy Napeahi, who grew up using surfing as his escape from the harder realities of…


Surfing Just Made It Into The Olympics!

It has just been confirmed that surfing has officially made it into the Japan 2020 Olympics! The competition will take…


Industry Job Alert! Finance Manager needed

Due to our motivations in life and the choices we make, us surfing folk tend to be perpetually poor. However…


Mick Fanning, Mitch Crews & Friends In France

The Reef team head to France to sample the delights of her lengthy sandy bottomed SW coastline and strike gold…


Craig Anderson & Dane Reynolds In France

It doesn’t get much more fun than this, sharing little micro barrels in the sun with your mate and no…


Mick Fanning Shark Attack Documentary

An in depth look at Fanning’s life leading up to the 37 seconds which catapulted him into mainstream fame:

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Wavelength Surf Photography Workshop

The beaches around Hossegor see the World’s best surfers tear the waves to pieces, whilst the Quiky Pro is in…


Surfing GB & The ESF’s Big Merger

It’s a harsh and irrefutable reality that is not often discussed in the surf media, but in this country, the…


Leon Glatzer In Costa Rica

Leon Glatzer is very much one of those chaps CT commentators would refer to as a citizen of the world;…


Ben Skinner Blending The Traditional & Progressive

Whilst perhaps more well known for his progressive longboarding antics, including busting airs in comps and charging some of the…