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Slater: True Icon

Wow, what an incredible couple of days in Hawaii! The Volcom Pipe Pro consistently delivered some of the best waves in…


Welcome To Water

With over two decade of testing their products Volcom have scrutinised every thread, choice of fabric and design to create a balance in…


Nathan Adams in FairWinds

Simmer down this Tuesday afternoon with Nathan Adams and some super stylish sliding: x


Kelly Slater On Politics, Monsanto And 911

Increasingly surfers and surfing are becoming involved with some of the biggest issues effecting the environment and society as a…


Big Mean Jaws

Jaws woke once again last week to play host to a bonanza of big drops and big bails, here’s the…


Mick Fanning At The Superbank

As the internet floods with news about Micks private life this morning we thought we’d provide a little rest-bite for…


Brendon Gibbens, India

5 years ago whilst on a filming trip for Slow Dance, Brendon Gibbens had what looks like a super fun…


Freezing Blizzards On The East Coast

Storm Jonas has arrived on the US’s east coast and Shane Burn, Dylan Kowalski, and Evan Barton have been enjoying…


Patch Wilson Charging In Ireland

Patch Wilson is one of a growing number of surfers who have uprooted, often from Cornwall, and decided to make…

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Wandering Down In Tazzy

Marti Paradisis grabs a few waves around his local coastline in Tasmania. x


This Is Dusty Payne

It has to be said Dusty Payne has had a rocky year on CT, with a string of 2nd round…


The Thrill Is Back- Starring Pottz

A new short celebrating the incredible career of Martin Pottz Potter, with his unmistakeable style which helped shape the generation…


Pale Aliens: The Search, Part Two

Dillon Perillo, Luke Hynd and Pat Curren head off in search of more unchartered waves in remote and exotic locations.


Four Cliffs with Nic Von Rupp

In this new short Gustavo Imigrante and Nic Von Rupp have really raised the bar for European surfing and film…


Luis Diaz Ultramar

A beautifully shot little short featuring one of Europe’s most promising up and coming surfers, Luis Diaz, who hails from…


Exclusive Point Break Tahiti Footage

Excited about the upcoming reboot of everyone’s favourite surf flick? Of course you are. We got our hands on this…


Jaws Goes XXL

On Friday the big wave world descended on Jaws in Maui for a day of mental paddle ins, including the…


Seal Beach Shorey

California has been pumping recently, here’s Seal beach shorey looked like last week, pretty mental how many people seem to…


Rincon With Pat, Tanner and Dane

Here’s Rincon lighting up during the recent run of swell which the Californian coast has been enjoying, with Dane Reynolds,…


Craig Anderson In Welcome Elsewhere

It’s exciting to live in a time where there is such a vast difference between one persons opinion of the…


For Old Times Sake With Dane Hall & Jayce Robinson

After growing up in St Ives, Dane Hall and his family moved out to Peniche, where they set up Peniche…


Rasta At Lennox

Here’s Dave Rastavich drawing some beautiful lines at Lennox.


Mornings With Clay Marzo

Filmed over 3 morning surfs in Hawaii with the incomparable Clay Marzo doing exactly what he does best. x


Pedro Boonman in Portugal

Filmed between Nazare, Supertubos and his home town of Carcavelos, this is the  up and till now relatively underground Pedro Boonman’s…


Fergal Smith Stands For Green Party In Irish General Election

Irish big wave legend Fergal Smith has announced that he will stand as a candidate for the Green Party in…


G-Mac Takes A Tumble

Garrett McNamara has been rushed to hospital with a potentially dislocated shoulder after bouncing down the face of an absolute…

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