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Slyder Cup 2015 x REEF

The 2015 Approaching Lines Slyder Cup Presented by Reef is on! Hitting Cornwall on 6th December, this 3rd Annual Frigid…


Bruce Irons allocated place in Billabong Pipe Masters

Bruce Irons (HAW), former elite tour competitor and Pipe Masters Champion (2001), has been allocated a position in the upcoming…


Wedge Wipeouts 2015

The season for everyones favourite bone breaker is drawing to a close and what better way to commemorate what was…


Bruce Irons awarded Pipe Pro Wild Card

It has been reported this morning that tomorrow it will be officially announced that Bruce Irons ha been awarded a…


WSL announces 2016 Tour Schedule

The WSL has just announced the schedule for next years events for both the mens and women’s CT comps. Whilst…


Mick Fanning Surfs A Sponger

Whats the best thing to do when a mate drops in on you? Hope aboard his craft (or in this…


11 Shots From The Start Of Winter In Devon & Cornwall

The days are short and the sound of wind and rain battering the windows is becoming ever more familiar as…


Jay Davies X Creatures

Jay Davies is one of the great powerhouse Ozzie surfers- watch him muscle his way through barrels, throw buckets and…


Overhead Nazare

When you think of Nazare you probably don’t immediately think of fun looking overhead drainers, however during a recent flat…


Clique- Starring Jack Freestone and Mitch Coleborn

There’s been a marked shift in recent times amongst career free surfers away from pumping out a constant stream of…


Dane Reynolds and his new board

Dane chats to Britt from Channel Islands Surfboards about the various features of his new model ‘the sampler’, interlaced with…


Asher Pacey Style Show

Here’s Asher Pacey enjoying a few waves at home, no frills, just short and snappy and filled with quality turns…


London Surf / Film Festival 8 Track Gallery Show & Auction

The 2015 London Surf / Film Festival “8 Track Gallery” art sale is now open. The annual London Surf /…


The Best of Hawaii: The Aloha Project

Did you know that Joni Mitchells big yellow taxi, in which she laments the paving of paradise in favour of…


Nick Rosza in ‘Black Sheep’

In a new edit from Salty Beards, California Nick Rosza get’s loose, barrelled and fins free at home and in…


Say Goodbye To Neoprene

Patagonia will introduce the world’s first neoprene-free, wetsuits made with plant-based material for Fall 2016 – a groundbreaking innovation that…


KAMIAM starring Kameron Brown

Here’s OC local Kameron Brown sliding into some sunny peelers around his home county. x


The UKPSA Lynmouth Wave Breaker

After weeks of waiting, yesterday saw The UKPSA Wave Breaker Series at Lynmouth in North Devon given the go ahead….


Northern Nuggets

Last week we made the trek to North Scotland. Had an epic week with an epic crew, consisting of some…


Jesse Adam in Liquorice Allsorts

Jesse Adam puts it on rail and gets pitted as he travels through the Mentawaiis, Bali and the East Coast of…


Travel with Open eyes

I’m the biggest travel fiend going. Not like a white-dreaded gap yar type, but more a work my ass off…


Matt Kleiners 2015 Show Reel

Feast your eyes on some beautiful visuals, both surf related and not, in film maker Matt Kleiners 2015 showreel, featuring…


Dean Bogan and a below sea level slab

Dean Bogan takes a trip through the ozzie bush to give his dog a run around and find some slabs….


Tiki re-signs long time team rider Andrew Cotton

Andrew is one of the leading chargers at Nazare, having been one of the early pioneers there alongside Garret McNamara….


Surfing the Zambezi

We’re a big fan of river surfing and its associated cultures around the world here at WL. Often practiced miles…


Carlos Munoz: Prisma

Carlos Munoz is one of only two Costa Rican surfers competing internationally right now and is currently the highest placed…

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