Basque Legend Kepa Acero Almost Dies At Mundaka

The first day of the year saw incredible conditions at Mundaka, however local legend Kepa Acero's session ended badly after a nasty wipeout.

Monday saw incredible conditions at Europe’s premiere left hand point break, and a talented local contingent out there enjoying them. However things very nearly ended in disaster for Mundaka stand out and all round legend Kepa Acero after he hit his head on the bottom after wiping out, and blacked out. Here’s his account of the incident, translated from his Instagram:


“I can only start this post by thanking everyone that has been by my side in these past couple days. It’s been a really hard time for me and those close to me. I would especially like to thank Lander and Iñigo who saved my life at Mundaka. I will be forever grateful.

The second of January, at midday, I had a near-fatal fall at Mundaka. I fell and hit my head against the bottom, and at that moment I lost consciousness. The only instant that I can remember was under water – wanting to break the surface, but my hands and legs wouldn’t obey commands.

At that moment I thought I would never come up.

I don’t remember anything else. I then found out that Lander and Iñigo put me on their boards and took me out of the impact zone. I even lost vision.

My friends <3 @natxogonzalez1 @nando_arostegi @eukenimasa and @aletxugironi got me out of the water, and after hours of agony I got to the hospital. They told me that I had broken my neck, broken and displaced my cervical, and broken a dorsal. Miraculously the spinal cord was not damaged so I can be thankful for feeling and being able to move my body, legs and arms. I have the sensation of being born twice in the same day. My thanks go to everyone that has kept me company, to those who rescued me, doctors, all the ones who have cheered me on, to fate and to life – especially to life.

Thank you again, and now more than ever I am going to enjoy life. Devour it, ‘cause it’s ours.

I get surgery on Wednesday.

A big hug to all <3<3<3<3″

We wish Kepa a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him back threading perfect pits soon and once again, we’d like to thank all those who rushed to his rescue, particularly Naxto Gonzalez who has been on quite a saving spree this year.

  • Curtis Bostrom

    Get better soon Kepa! From wannabe Canadian surfer married to Ines Vizcaya!! Curt