Behind the Lens #1- Digby Ayton

Introducing a brand new weekly feature, where we invite photographers, some long standing and acclaimed, others exciting up and comers, to show you one of their images and tell the story that surround the making of it. This is Behind The Lens.

First up is 19 year old Digby Ayton, who grew up in Tazmania and now studies in Sydney with an image from a short holiday at home:

“I originally grew up in Tasmania but this year I moved to Sydney for university. The big city is nice enough and I enjoy living there but I often fall asleep thinking about Tassie’s surf. Out of all the waves at home I probably miss this peaky, hollow, perfect beach break the most. So I flew home in my mid-semester holidays with my board under my arm and fingers firmly crossed hoping for conditions to align. They did. The day after I stepped off the plane I took this photo. It sums up pretty perfectly what the next few weeks where like. We would leave home before dawn, walk down the hill, start a campfire in the dunes then surf until our arms were jelly. I have never known a winter to have as many good days at this beach as my holidays did. Looking back my time at home is just a blur of hollow drainers, numb hands and lazing on the sand. The good life.”

See more of Digby’s work on his Instagram @digbyayton or on his website here.

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