Some Clever People have Invented a Magnetic Surfboard Rack

A magnetic surfboard rack is the latest bit of surf gear vying for your hard earned cash on crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

A Spanish team of tech entrepreneurs have come up with a novel solution to the surfboard transportation problem and while it might not advance your surfing, it certainly could make your life a little easier.

Previous solutions range from the simple ‘fold your seats down’ option through to the annoying ‘flapping straps’ of some racks.

The Giraffe team behind the magnetic rack claim it will not only save you time in mounting your boards but it will also save you in fuel costs versus a more permanent rack.

“Our magnetic surfboard rack is easily removable so that the problems of increased fuel consumption and noise from the fixed roof racks are avoided and an improvement is achieved in the functional and visual appearance over existing devices.” The Giraffe team said.

The device has been designed to fit almost any vehicle provided it has a metal flat roof (no good for you Reliant Robin owners i’m afraid), it can be quickly fitted leaving you more time to be doing what you came for in the first place.

“We wanted to get a device that was easy to assemble (because of the time you have to spend on what really matters), without straps inside the car, be compact and lightweight to carry it at any time and occupy little space for storage and also to be used whenever you need it.” The team added.

The rack is made from a flexible magnetic rubber base which won’t damage your vehicle, the  buckles are rubberised and the foams that support the boards are constructed from high density long lasting material. The rack even features a spoiler which improves the aerodynamics of the system, it has also been tested at over 100mph on a 250 mile journey which is reassuring.

While crowdfunding seems to now be littered with bizarre products that should be given a seriously wide berth, there are still some gems worth checking out and this is one that could well be worth sticking with.

To find out more head over to their Kickstarter page now.

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