Electric X Alex Botelho

Portugal truly merits its place on the world-map of Surfing, not only for its breath-taking coastline, far from ordinary spot selection, rich choice of after-surf-activities or the recently established WSL tour stop in Peniche. The most South-Westerly nation of Europe with its surf-crazy population also is a hub for young and hungry talents such as Alex Botelho.

Born in Canada, the 24-year-old calls the beautiful Algarve region his home and keeps on im- pressing with a steadily growing trick repertoire and an extremely creative style in waves from micro to XXL. Alex Botelho is ready to charge 25+ Mavericks, scores deep barrels in Nazaré and has some of the strongest aerial skills around – all of this constantly branded with his unmistak- able signature smile all over his face. Check out the video to see what Alex is capable of when Portuguese spots like Coxos and Superturbos were firing these past winter months.

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