Kai Lenny’s Jaws Super Session

Here's the full clip of Kai Lenny post-comp Jaws super session

You’ve probably seen that clip of Kai Lenny boosting an air out at Jaws the day after the comp wrapped up this weekend, that’s been circulating online, but now Lenny has dropped the full clip from his super session.

Kai Lenny truely embodies the (slightly overused) term waterman, a six time world champion stand-up paddle boarder as well as an avid windsurfer, kitesurfer and big wave surfer.He’s also made a name for himself recently with his re-invention of the hydro-foil.

The day After the comp wrapped up at the weekend, Lenny took to a windy Jaws line up to have a play around behind a ski.

Although towing is a little out of fashion at the mo, as the big wave community lean towards paddle ins in their effort to move their corner of the sport forward- we still relish seeing Lenny in the straps. The man himself is also not particularly interested in jumping into the at times ferocious debate, simply stating ‘the contrast between paddling and towing are so different but so epic in their own ways. I enjoy both equally!’.

As well as a couple of crazy air attempts, Lenny mixes it up with some big rail turns in the pocket and a crazy barrel right at the end, enjoy: