Morocco – not everyone’s cup of mint tea

The land of perfect right hand point breaks is the regular-footed, weed-smoking surfers dream.

However, if you don’t have the immune system of an Ox, can’t stand cats and hate street hustlers, then you might want to consider Sri Lanka over Casablanca…


(Photo WL)

I love Morocco. I love all the feral, deformed, mangy cats that roam the fortressed-walled streets of Essaouira, meowing for scraps of fish tagine. But if you don’t like cats, there are thousands of the fleabags all over the place and they never shut up.

I love the fact you can’t buy beers in the surf town Taghazoute, no hangovers mean more surf time. But everyone has a vice and if mint tea doesn’t quite cut it, apparently half of the world’s hash grows here, making it the holy grail for any surfing stoner. I’m not fond myself and would rather a dozen cold beers after surfing all day, but Morocco is a predominantly Muslim country that frowns upon the nectar, making it quite hard to quench a thirst. So with weed being the nightcap of choice, all of the surf lodges are full of all the cliches you’d expect in a utopia for pot-heads. Bearded backpackers wearing beads waffling away about drugs, while on drugs, everywhere.

I love the lack of females, aka distractions and all of you single-minded surfers will appreciate the country most. With approximately 2000km of coastline taking the brunt of what the Atlantic has to offer, point break setups everywhere, 21 degree water and a low-key surfing population; you’re going to score waves and you go on a surf trip to surf, not chase chicks. Luckily it is impossible to pull in Morocco as there are no girls anywhere, it is one big sausage-fest making it a popular destination for gay men, but don’t get too excited boys as male homosexuality its technically illegal, ironically enough.

I love the rugged and roughness of Morocco, the people, the goats in trees and the harshness of the environment. Fellow Culture vultures will fall in love with the busy colourful cities, the dramatic physical environment and the tasty tagines. But if you’d be sadenned by the sight of disadvantaged children (of whom are easy targets for an increasing number of paedophile tourists), raw sewage streaming into the sea and prefer your veg not boiled to death, then Morocco may not be your cup of mint tea…

DSC_0605Beautiful mangy fleabag

DSC_0661Goat problem

DSC_0657Little shits

DSC_0594“I give you good price”

DSC_0147Surf wagon

DSC_0146Waves for miles and nobody to share them with

DSC_0285A regular-footer’s heaven

DSC_0613Crazy sunsets (Photo credit Max)

Morocco remains home to some of the world’s best and most uncrowded right-hand point breaks, has heaps of culture and loads of quirk, I can’t wait to get back there. 


Max Hepworth-Povey has over a decade of surf travel experience and is a well regarded travel advisor for Errant Surf Holidays. Errant have Moroccon Surf Camp packages from £340.