A Perfect Stretch Of Reef Buried Deep In The Aussie Desert

A small crew of Aussies score perfection somewhere deep in the desert

Somewhere deep in the expansive and deserted Australian bush sits an incredible stretch of reef, with picture perfect and seemingly eternal waves reeling off down it

There are whales and rainbows and sometimes, a few surfers. In this instance those surfers in question are Brad Norris, Philip Read, Kerby Brown and Luke Wyllie. They are dancing in front of the lenses of Chris White and Tom Jennings – men who have made careers out of searching for and finding remote waves such as these, and pointing their cameras at them.

This clip features just one of White’s adventures, but if you’d like to see more, take a look at his new book, called ‘Dark Light’ which comprises a collection of photos and words captured and recalled from many of his wave hunting adventures and details how they have changed Chris’ life and helped him push through adversity.