Red Bull’s 5 Craziest Surf Clips

We've scoured the Red Bull archive to bring our favourite of their surf clips

There’s much debate about whether energy drinks should have such a strong foothold in action sports, as everyone knows they’re not great for your insides. That said, it could be argued that Red Bull’s monetary contribution to surfing has done a fair amount for the sport and the numerous athletes the brand supports. Thanks to their efforts they have provided us, the hungry viewer, with plenty of free entertainment.

In light of this, we decided to scour their extensive video archive in order to bring you five of our favourite clips from it:

1. This compilation of Brad Domke

Universally recognised as the most balls out, craziest skimboarder on earth, this is a compilation of some of Floridian Brad Domke’s best bits:

2. Every episode of Who is JOB

Who is JOB is Hawaiin Jamie O’Brien’s long running web series, featuring him and his pals crazy wave riding antics around the world, which include surfing the heaviest shore breaks they can find on foamies, surfing Teahupoo whilst on fire, taking on Pipe on large inflatables and this, which is the most watched clip in series, featuring JOB’s mate Poopies surfing down a storm drain:

3. The Cape Fear Comp Highlights

Possibly the craziest surf comp ever hosted, The Red Bull Cape Fear sees hellmen gather from all over the world to take on one of the gnarliest slabs on earth. Last year the conditions were particularly crazy and the hight reel is sure to get you gasping:

4. The Filmers at Large Series

The Filmers At Large series features regular clips provided by its global network of surf filmers who can react quickly to standout swells. Stationed in key regions around the world, these guys provided timely coverage for our entertainment. Here’s one of our favourite clips from the series:

5. This clip documenting Maya Gabeira’s triumphant return to Nazaré

Three years after nearly drowning after a heavy wipeout on a massive day at Nazaré Brazilian big wave surfer Maya Gabeira returned to the spot to get back on the horse. This clip documents her journey and her first proper XL wave since returning to Portugal and it’s genuinely pretty inspiring: