The Best Features of 2016

It has been another epic year at Wavelength, here is our round up of the features you loved the most.

From Britain’s rarest waves, to a giant paddle session in the Canaries it has without doubt been a damn fine year for surf and one of which we have been proud to bring you the incredible stories from across the globe. Without further ado here is the very best of our features from the site over the last 365 days…


The Severn Bore is a natural phenomenon. As Britain’s longest river, the Severn produces a wave which is dirty, crazy, smelly, bumpy and beguiling. Luke Gartside joined the cast of hundreds in their pursuit and passion for this inspiring spectacle.

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We decided to gather together four particularly opinionated British surfers from four different generations who’ve experienced the British surf industry from the inside since the early days and get them talking about what needs to change.

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The Fearless Surfers of Fukushima

Reports have emerged that Japanese surfers are continuing to surf on a beach in the radioactive exclusion zone near the site of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

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Are we about to lose our hidden gems?

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Meet a couple who live in a totally sufficient dwelling in Cornwall.

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We were there to capture the first real XXL swell of the season.

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28 hours lost in the indian ocean

The miracle story of how surfer Brett Archibald survived 28 hours at sea in nightmare conditions with no life jacket.

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sri lanka surf

The Maldives may be the Jewel of the Crown but it’s neighbour Sri Lanka is the Indian Ocean’s hidden gem.

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giant paddle session

Basque surfers set their sights on one of the islands rarest beasts – La Santa.

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