Tiki re-signs long time team rider Andrew Cotton

Tiki International are proud to announce the re-signing of team rider Andrew Cotton.

Andrew is one of the leading chargers at Nazare, having been one of the early pioneers there alongside Garret McNamara. He was also one of the first tow pioneers in Ireland with a number of XXL nominations at Mullaghmore.

This new deal sees Andrew secure a new year of support from long time sponsor and local brand, Tiki International.

“It’s great to continue this partnership. There are few people that are surfing in the kind of extreme conditions that Cotty focuses on and it gives us the most challenging test environment for our products. Being a UK’s based company we started making cold water wetsuits in the late 1960’s. With Cotty’s input we are taking it to the next level.” Tim Heyland, Tiki International

“I’m stoked to be working with Tiki. Equipment is so vital in surfing big waves, and in cold water, wetsuits are particularly crucial. Tiki take their R&D seriously and it’s invaluable to be able to work directly with them on wetsuit designs. We have been working on custom made impact/floatation jackets which are the absolute best I have used. Having access to that kind of in-house prototyping and expertise is awesome.” Andrew Cotton

Photo: Richie Hopson/Red Bull Content Pool