Tyler Wright’s 2016 Highlight Reel

Tyler Wright just snatched the 2016 Women’s World Title in France, putting an end to 9 years of Gilmore/ Moore dominance.

“I’ve had a lot of fun, there’ve been a lot of moments…” said Wright, after it was announced that she’d clenched the title after her semi-final heat “There were a lot of reasons that I set out to win the World Title this year, a lot I didn’t mention in public. Last year was such a hectic year, even this year started really hectic for me and my family, a lot has gone on with my family, with Owen. I lost an uncle… this was the last event he watched, and I promised him I’d win the Title for him, and I did.”

To celebrate her victory Ripcurl have dropped this seriously impressive highlight reel from her year:

Wright grew up on the South Coast of NSW, Australia, with a family of passionate surfers, Tyler Wright was always destined for surfing greatness. Through the guidance of her older brothers she was hooked on the sport early, and due to her clear passion and insane talent, secured a sponsorship with Rip Curl in 2002 – a partnership that continues to this very day. At the age of 14 she found herself on the world’s stage – the highest level of surfing competition, the World Tour. Since then she has not only remained consistent but has excelled, finding herself on or near the top of the ladder almost every year. When it came to winning a World Title, it was never a question of “can”, but rather “when”.

tyler wright