The WSL Manoeuvres Of The Year

The WSL just dropped a compilation featuring the most impressive manoeuvres of the year

The WSL has just dropped a compilation of all the nominees for the Manoeuvres Of The Year and it’s epic.

Featuring some of the best aerial surfing ever seen in a vest, as well as rivalling that seen in free surf edits, the clips stands a true testament to the exciting level competitive surfing is at in 2016.

There are flips, crazy backside rotations and a couple massive alley-oops and whats more the majority serve as functional moves, sending the surfer back out onto open face to continue the wave and silencing critics who condemn airs as taking the flow out of surfing. The usual suspects feature, as well as old dog KS keeping up with the young guns and new faces Stu Kennedy and Ryan Callinan.

Hit play and give the compilation a watch a couple times through and then let us know who gets your vote in the comments: