“You only tell the truth in the dark” featuring William Aliotti

“You only tell the truth in the dark” is a brand new short, directed by Sebastien Zanella and featuring William Aliotti, who hails from the French Caribbean but currently resides in Hossegor. The film illustrates a vision of surfing rarely seen: an ode to solitude, introspection and waves pursuit.

With just a van, a few boards and a camera, William Aliotti and Sebastian Zanella embarked on a 3000km solo surf exploration road trip along the Chilean coastline, travelling across the dusty Atacama desert, ghost towns and fishermen villages from Santiago all the way to Arica.

In his ultimate pursuit of luck, William entered The Arica Pro 2016 and found himself winning it in historical surf conditions, leaving South America with his first ever international contest win and $10,000 richer.

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